Full Stack Developer (VueJS + CFML)

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inLeague LLC
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Austin, TX,  United States

Job Description

This is an intermediate-to-senior level Full Stack Developer position that is tilted toward front-end development and may tilt more in that direction as our team expands. Nonetheless, a strong candidate will have solid API development chops (whether or not they're specifically with our stack, which is CFML/Lucee-driven) and no fear of SQL.

There is some flexibility in the work schedule: we try to stick to about 75% Mon-Fri 8 to 5 with the other 25% coming in whenever is convenient. We currently require only informal 'on call' support queue monitoring if your code blows up outside of business hours, but we're pretty successful at not bothering our people on weekends.


...are a company by and for people who make things: developers and designers
...are a small but stable company with a 19-year track record in the youth sports, education, and non-profit space
... are going through a well-deserved period of growth and evolution (which is where you come in!)
...are a virtual / remote office, but based in Austin, TX (and prefer local hires, but will consider anywhere in the US)
...are accessible, personable, approachable: There is no middle management and there are not many meetings. We're always available on Slack to help each other out, but if you prefer somebody managing you every day, we're probably not a good fit!
It's definitely the case that you...

... have experience with front-end development with most or all of that time working with VueJS (bonus if you've worked with Quasar)
... have some experience with back-end development: writing REST API endpoints; working with model development and database interaction, SQL
...are comfortable working with INFRASTRUCTURE (Gitlab, Slack) but don't need a lot of STRUCTURE (management)
...are comfortable with components, routing, application state, and most importantly, you aren't afraid to find resources in the community when you don't have the answer
... don't mind working with our customers to gather requirements and feedback, and occasionally provide support through our issue tracker
It would be helpful if you...

... have a college degree
... are familiar with the Tailwind CSS Framework
... have experience with testing tools: Cypress and/or Testbox
... are comfortable working with webpack and basic environment-specific deployment pipelines
... have experience with Quasar
... have basic familiarity with Docker
It's not at all necessary, but we would think it was cool if...

You have experience with Linux system administration, particularly with Docker Swarm and the Docker build process (this isn't an infrastructure/DevOps position and you don't need this; we really would just think it was cool)
You've ever written MODERN Coldfusion/CFML (Lucee), or know somebody who has
You have familiarity with either youth sports organizations or charter schools
Job Details: Hours, Pay, Perks

We're looking for a long-term relationship with the right person. Our preference is to hire a full-time, salaried employee after 2-4 weeks of a trial period on contract (same pay) to make sure we fit.

There are advantages and disadvantages to working for a small company in the nonprofit space.

We're not a startup that will run out of money in six months, but we're not a huge corporation with deep pockets.
The biggest advantage is that we have a lot of flexibility to accommodate what you want for your life, your career, and your schedule. We all have lives and want you to as well.
Pay and growth opportunities are competitive, but we're not Facebook or Intel.
There's no 'anonymous team member hides behind the work of others.' If you're stuck, reach out and we'll help you (or find someone who can!); everybody has days that are more productive than others, but ultimately you are a key component in a small and well-oiled machine, and you're expected not only to work on what's assigned but to find work that needs doing.
We invest in your development: everybody at our company attends at least one conference a year and you can often find us presenting at them, too!
Perks (Contractors): We will respect your schedule and commitments to clients who aren't us. We'll also provide a bedrock commitment of hours per month to help stabilize your business.
Benefits: Year-end Profit-sharing
Benefits: 401(k) with a fixed employer contribution of 3% whether or not you contribute anything
Benefits: "When You Want It Or Need It" Paid Time Off
Benefits: Multiple health & dental options
Benefits: Vision, life, short- and long-term disability
We are open to a variety of arrangements to suit the right person. A couple of example scenarios:

So what does it pay, already?!

Payscale ranges from $70k - $110k (before profit sharing) depending on experience.

Our company has always been remote. Ordinarily, we travel to meet our clients once or twice a year, but this is not a job requirement.


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