Full Stack ColdFusion Developer

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UT-Battelle (Oak RIdge National Laboratory)
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Oak Ridge, TN,  United States

Job Description

I'm retiring and this is the link to the posting for my job. I was told $102,144- $132,190 based on education and experience. No remote option, I think there is relocation assistance.

This is the facility (A very cool place to work): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Flux_Isotope_Reactor Good benefits and a pension at age 65! Very low stress and great people (hey it's government work).

You'd inherit 23 years of ColdFusion code to maintain and opportunity to develop new apps. One coworker who is a CF developer, also with 23 years experience. I'd have a chance to bring you up to speed before I leave and he'd be there to help after I leave. Use the link to apply and email me if you have questions atomiccodemonkey@gmail.com and want off the record answers that ORNL can't be held to.