Senior ColdFusion developer

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San Diego, CA,  United States

Job Description

WebListers is a leading provider of marketing tools and analytics for the multifamily housing industry. We're looking for a senior ColdFusion developer to help us rebuild our codebase from scratch using modern best practices and a solid understanding of OOP and ColdFusion Frameworks such as ColdBox.

This is a remote position and requires the ability to communicate well with the team via Slack, conference, and video calls. The majority of our team is located in San Diego, CA and you will need to be available for meetings and calls between 9 am to 5 pm in the Pacific timezone.

Required Skills:
  • At least 4 years of recent, professional programming in ColdFusion
  • Able to write easy-to-read and easy-to-maintain code that is bug-free
  • Have a passion for coding and always seeking to improve your skills and write quality code
  • Able to accurately estimate project times and ability to deliver them by the deadlines
  • Strong knowledge of writing and working with SQL, previous experience with large datasets is a plus
  • Able to create and modify existing UI with HTML/CSS/JS
Ideal Candidates:
  • Have experience working with Lucee are preferred as we are migrating from ACF to Lucee
  • Have experience working with CommandBox and knowledge of DevOps
  • Have experience working with and building Continous Integration projects
  • Have experience setting up and working with a unit testing framework, such as TestBox
  • Have experience working with AWS (S3, EC2, VPC, etc)

This position is a well-paid position that depends on the level of experience of the candidate. We're looking for top-notch developers. The position includes great PPO health and dental insurance as well as vision care, among many other great benefits.

If this position sounds like a good fit for you, please email a PDF of your resume to bill (at) and let us know why you feel like this job is for you. We're going to want to see code that you've written so if you can include links to GitHub or similar code repos, so please include links in your resume.


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